8oz organic rye berry grain spawn jar, 24K Gold – Magic Version



Our 8oz organic rye berry grain spawn jars are a quick and easy way to start your next bulk grow. Rye berries are extremely high in nitrogen and release their nutrients slowly. This is why people have been using rye for over 50 years to grow mushrooms of all types! Our organic rye is nutrient-enriched with soy peptone, 2 secret ingredients, and gypsum plus other PH adjusters to give you a fast colonizing jar from spores, agar, or liquid culture.


  • Each jar contains 8 ounces of nutrient-enriched organic rye berries and mineral water fortified with gypsum/Calcium Phosphate to enhance spore germination plus 2 secret ingredients designed specifically for Magic Mushrooms.
  • Every jar has a high-quality, autoclavable plastic lid with a removable silicone gasket. 
  • Each has 2 large self-healing injection ports and a lab-quality 13mm / .22 un syringe filter. 
  • 24K Gold Flakes are added to help promote fungi growth!
  • Each Jar is pressure sterilized at 15 psi for 120 minutes and guaranteed to arrive contaminate-free! 
  • Every part of our product is autoclavable and reusable  


You can inoculate the jars directly through the “self-healing injection port” (ie. small dab of silicone) without having to open the jars. Since you aren’t opening the jars, you can do it in open air- no need for a laminar flow hood or still air box.

If you want to be extra sterile, take a lighter and flame sterilize the tip between every injection. I do not think this is 100% necessary, but it doesn’t hurt and is easy enough to do.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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